There are various courses offered by numerous universities and...

Before pursuing a career in translation, it’s a good idea to think...

The process of transferring written text from one language into...


What is studying translation like?

There are various courses offered by numerous universities and institutions. Whatever the mode or duration of study, you can expect a translation course to include at least some of the following elements:

• Translation theory/history;

• Language-specific practical seminars/workshops which will look at translation problems and solutions in a variety of fields, e.g. journalism, science, literature, law etc.;

• Regular translation assignments (assessed and un-assessed), varying in topic and length;

• Training in using some of the most popular CAT tools (e.g. Trados, Across, Déjà Vu).

Course content will obviously vary depending on institution and level of study (undergraduate vs. postgraduate). Further information about NNT partner universities and their courses can be found on our website.



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