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The Graduate Placement Scheme

About the scheme
Work placements in translation companies
The Graduate Placement Scheme facilitates work placements in translation companies. This is a flexible method of preparing postgraduate students for the world of work, making them more work-ready and employable for translation companies recruiting staff.
To make it quick and easy for employers and Higher Education course tutors, who want to set up a work placement, there is now an established system for mentored work placements for postgraduate students of translation, consistent with the latest National Occupational Standards in Translation. The scheme was initially developed by CILT, the National Centre for Languages, the Association of Translation Companies, University of Salford, Aston University, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, London Metropolitan University and University of Westminster.
The Scheme has already proved to be a positive and beneficial experience for all those involved. Several students who have participated in placements are now in permanent employment within the translation industry.

" placements can be treated as an extended interview – a fine opportunity to thoroughly assess whether a candidate would be a good fit for the organization... Their prior insight into the company’s activities and business ethos helped them to make a confident career choice while strengthening our prospects of retaining such talent."
 "The GP Scheme is more than simply a learning experience for the student. The opportunity to host a student enabled our organisation to analyse and improve internal processes; ... the project management team gained an extra pair of hands."
"...a Graduate Placement was an invaluable experience, which has given me a much better understanding of how the translation industry works and the relationship between translation agencies and freelance translators."

With the support of the National Network for Translation and the Routes into Languages programme, the Scheme is available nationwide to students of all HE institutions offering translation courses and all companies who are ATC corporate members.

Graduate Placement Handbook
A good practice guide handbook is available, with separate guidelines for employers, students and HE course tutors. The handbook contains everything you need to know about the work placement Scheme including essential information on legal aspects and health and safety.
It also contains a Student Portfolio, for completion by all students during the work placement. This helps students outline the tasks they carry out during the placements and analyse what they have learnt, to demonstrate to employers as part of future job applications or to submit to their course tutor as an assessable piece of work, if relevant to their particular study programme.
Please contact for further details.

Advertise your work placement
Employers can advertise any available placements by completing a short form. Use this form to specify any particular requirements you may have e.g. language combination or subject specialism. (However, we do recommend that you keep your requirements as flexible as possible, to ensure maximum benefit for both company and student.)
As an ATC member, you will need to register using your username and password to achieve access to the site.

European Graduate Placement Scheme

Find out more about the European Graduate Placement Scheme here.

Please note that the National Network for Translation does not provide placements. Students interested in the scheme are advised to contact potential employers directly or via their own institution.



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